Government Relations and Legislative Advocacy

ESP will develop and implement a government affairs action plan to meet the needs of your organization or business.

Whether it involves tracking a single bill or monitoring the entire legislative process, ESP will keep you updated and informed with current information and valuable intelligence. We will provide your organization or business with an early opportunity to affect policy. As part of this process we will identify potential allies for your cause, anticipate possible roadblocks, and draft related support or opposition memos to help you better make your case before the Legislature. Other related government relations services ESP will provide include:

– Strategic planning and political consulting
– Analysis of state and local legislation and regulations
– Monitoring and tracking legislation that impacts clients’ interests
– Connecting clients with decision-makers in state & local government
– Scheduling and coordinating meetings with key public officials


Public Affairs

ESP will develop a public affairs strategy to complement your government affairs action plan. This will include interface with grass roots community organizations, media and press on every level, as well as internet and social network contact.

ESP’s principals are experienced in press and media relations. We are adept at crisis management as well as long-term media strategy. We will assist in developing your message and advise you how to best deliver that message in a consistent and clear fashion across the various media platforms that are available.


Business Development

ESP can assist with business development in both the public and private sector. We are well versed in the complexities of public sector procurement, and can facilitate communication with decision makers  in purchasing decisions as well as provide advice for improving marketability for your products and services.

ESP also has a large roster of private sector contacts, and can facilitate the business to business exchanges that result in mutually satisfactory outcomes.